Technical Production

Siyan Streaming offers you the chance to connect with your audience over the internet, from our well equipped studio. It’s kitted out with all the lighting and audio equipment you need to put on a show, along with the cameras, vision mixing equipment and high spec encoding computers to beam your performance live around the world. Our world may have changed, but Siyan’s passion for bringing people together remains undimmed and we’ll be with you every step of the way as we navigate this new normal, together.


The backbone of our live streaming system is our High-Definition PPU and camera package. Based around a Roland V800 MkII Vision Mixer, we have both operated and remote PTZ cameras available to capture every angle of your event. The use of unmanned cameras as well as the powerful zoom lenses fitted to our High Definition cameras means we can get intimate close up shots, all while maintaining social distancing!

Our skilled camera operators and vision mixers will work with you to make sure everything looks just right on screen. We also have QLab playback machines for VT, content and audio playback.


Our standard hire package comes with a three truss lighting rig, including plenty of key light along with moving lights and GrandMA, Avolites or Chamsys control. The socially distanced lighting control room is fitted with video monitors so the lighting operator can see exactly how everything looks on camera, plus comms and show relay to stay in touch with the rest of the team.

We stock an extensive array of lighting fixtures and hardware, including TV favourites like Patt 2013s and plenty of LED eye candy options, so do get in contact if you’ve got something specific in mind for your event and we will do our best to help.


Broadcast sound is taken care of with a Midas ProX console and Genelec monitors. A second ProX is available for monitors if required. We have an extensive stock of wired and wireless microphones, as well as wireless IEMs in order to minimise stage noise from monitor speakers. Our house engineers will take great care of you while you’re with us, or you are welcome to bring your own engineers with.

Please talk to us about your specific requirements, we are able to arrange alternative consoles if you prefer, or if you want to bring your own complete audio package we can facilitate that too.

Live Streaming vs Recording

We can facilitate live streaming to your social media channels, video streaming software or online platform of your choice. Our high spec encoding computers will look after getting the video and audio signals to the internet, all you need to do is give us the credential of wherever we’re uploading to.

Alternatively, we have hard drive recorders so you can take your performance away with you, to be streamed, played out or sold later on.