Corporate Social Responsibility

Our business model isn’t just about providing a great service at a great price to clients who we love working with. It’s also about acting ethically, and recognising the wider effects of our actions as a company on those around us. That’s why we take Corporate Social Responsibility so seriously, in terms of how we treat our people, how we treat the planet and our philanthropic activities.


Our commitment to being an ethical business begins with our approach to our team. People are our most important asset, and that ethos underpins our business decisions.

Our hiring processes are transparent, we fairly reward our people for their work and we focus on providing interesting careers with opportunities for personal growth and continued professional development throughout. If this sounds like something you want to be part of, why not talk to us about working with us?


Siyan takes seriously its commitment to the environment, and to reducing the carbon footprint of our projects. Senior staff have attended Albert sustainable production training (run by BECTU), and so we are well versed in what we as an industry can do to reduce as far as possible our waste and carbon emissions.

But we don’t just pay lip service to sustainability, we take specific steps on each production we work on to be as green as possible.

  • We continue to invest in the latest, most energy efficient products, including a new generation of LED based fixtures, as part of our long term plan to phase out power-hungry fixtures like traditional strobes in place of modern, low energy LED alternatives
  • We are upgrading our fleet to newer, more efficient vehicles with Euro 6 compliant engines
  • We provide all our staff and freelance crew with reusable water bottles, reducing our reliance on single use plastics


At Siyan we recognise that our actions take place within a wider context, and as well as being a good employer for our own people we also want to make the world we live in a better place for everyone.

This year we are focussing our charitable giving on trying to address the very real mental health issues faced by artists and their crew on tour. With this in mind, we have made a donation to Music Support, a fantastic charity supporting anyone within the UK music industry with mental, emotional or behavioural health disorders.