Please contact us for availability of any equipment you require that is not listed below.

​​Moving Lights

Clay Paky Sharpy

Clay Paky Alpha Beam 300

Clay Paky Alpha Beam 700

Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 700​

Cl​ ay Paky Alpha Wash 700

Clay Paky Scenius Spot


Martin Mac 2000 wash

LED Fixtures

Chromlech Elidy Small

Martin VDO Sceptron 1000mm

Martin VDO Sceptron 320mm

Martin Mac Aura XB

Robe Robin LED Beam100

Robe Robin LED wash 600

GLP Impression 90

SGM Palco 3

SGM Palco 3 Mobile

SGM Genio Mobile

I Pix satellite MK1

I Pix BB4​

I Pix BB7

Philips Nitro 510C

Thomas Pixel Line

Chroma Q Color Punch

Chroma Q Color Web 250


Chromlech Jarag Par 30

Martin Atomic Strobes

Showtec matrix 5x5

Showtec Sunstrip Active

Colour Changers

Chroma Q Colour Changer Par 64

Chroma Q Colour Changer 4 Lite

Martin Atomic Colour


Hippo Critter and Zoo keeper

Lighting Consoles

Grand MA 2 Lite

Grand MA 2 OnPc Command wing

Grand MA 2 OnPc Fader wing

Chamsys MQ 100

Chamsys Fader wing

Chamsys MQ 60

Chamsys PC wing​

Chamsys Extra wing 

Road Hog 4

 Hog Fader wing 4

 AVO Tiger Touch

 AVO Pearl Expert

 AVO Pearl 2004

 AVO Titan Mobile

Conventional Luminaires

 Par 64 lanterns

 Par 64 6 and 4 lampbars

Fresnels 500w,650w,1.2kw

Source 4 profiles 14,19,26,36 50 degree

2,4,8 lite blinders

20lite MR16 blinders

Patt 2013 softlight


Anytronics single channel dimmers

Avolites Powercube

Avolites ART 2000 24 way rack

Avolites ART 2000 48 way rack

Smoke and Haze


Unique 2 

Jem Hazer Pro 

Jem ZR44 Hi Mass


Thomas 52cm Supertruss

Thomas 30.5cm Supertruss

Thomas 30.5cm Superlite

Thomas 52cm GP truss

Litec QX30

Total Fabrications 20.5" SMD

Rigging and lifting

CM Lodestar 1 tonne electric hoist

CM Prostar 0.25 tonne electric hoist

Manfrotto wind up  and push up stands

Soft steels, steels and shackles